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About GrowRings

GrowRings clip together in seconds and are ideal for growing flowers, herbs and vegetables. Their unique design means that you can be ready to plant in minutes, perfect on grass, patios, or driveways. Growrings are circular but can be simply creased and bent to form semicircles, quadrants and other shapes to create planting opportunities. So simple to install or remove.

Planting and Weeding is much easier with GrowRings as you don't have to bend so far and you don't have to reach in over a wide sleeper or brick container with a trowel. Deep reaching is very hard on backs and over-stretches seldom used muscles.

The Growring Design utilises space that the average person can work comfortably without overreaching. Circular beds allow for toe space, enabling the user to reach and weed further into the bed. This is not possible with traditional rectangular beds. Standing with spread feet and bending within ones comfort zone, the circular sweep of an arm defines the comfortable reach area for planting and weeding.

The Plastic Used For Manufacturing GrowRings is about 35% recycled and both the plastic and print are UV stabilised. The Rings have been garden tested continuously for three years and are fungicide and preservatives free. Each Ring is fully recyclable and has a carbon footprint approximate to mowing an average lawn.
Growing produce on a small scale in an urban garden does not require traditional row planting.
Container gardens are much easier to reach, maintain and harvest.